10 Things to Consider Before Buying a House

Before you buy a house you should take a little time to investigate the house and the neighborhood to understand whether it is the best house what you are going to buy. Do not use services of real estate specialists or brokers, but be proactive and do some of your own research by answering following questions.

1. Neighborhood information

If you already live in the community, you can skip this step, but it is always worth it to search an information in local newspapers or websites to find out an information about upcoming development and other issues connected with your dream house.

2. Crime report

The local police station has statistics on crime which can be found in special websites, as well as in local newspapers or websites. If you want to be aware and feel safe in your house, you have to do some research on this topic.

3. Schools

Buying a house in a good school district is one of ways to make sure that your house maintains its value.

4. Local amenities

One of ways to find out local amenities is going to Google Maps for a Street View of a community where you will be able to see all amenities nearby your house. If you want to find out what is within walking distance of your house, visit www.walkscore.com. If you have some hobby, it is important to find out whether this community offers such options, as well as how far you will have to go to get in certain place.

5. Neighborhood amenities

The best way to find out an information about community’s activities is searching for it in the internet. Nowadays everything you want to know can be found online.

6. The house at different times of day

To find out what it will be like to live somewhere, visit your house at different times of day and week, for example, on a weekday, on a weeknight, as well as on a weekend to see how active or quiet your area is.

7. Testing with a car

If you are visiting your house only on a weekend, you have no idea what the traffic is during rush hour. You have to find out it as soon as possible, otherwise it can has a huge impact on your enjoyment of house.

8. Home inspection

Good purchase offer has to include a home inspection which helps to find out what repairs have to be done and how much it may cost. Remember, that it is always better to go into a house, knowing about its condition and avoiding unpleasant surprises.

9. Conversation with seller

Sellers are the best resource to learn about the house and the community, because they can tell you about renovations they have done to the house, as well as whether your plans for the house are feasible.

10. Taxes, insurance and utility bills

One of most important things which you have to find out is amount of taxes, insurance and utility bills. Make sure that these payments fit into your budget. Often the house has an attractive price, but costs of its maintenance are unreasonably high.