A Schedule for Hardwood Floor Cleaning

If you have wooden floors in your house, you probably know that wooden floors require more attention and care than any other type of floors. Only those wooden floors which are regularly cleaned look nice and shiny – it is insufficient to care about wooden floors just couple of times a year. The best way to clean wooden floors is according to schedule. Follow the schedule below and let your floors shine!

  • Daily dust your floors. Dusting is one of the most easy and underestimated work in the process. Daily dusting keeps your floors clean from dust and dirt. Dusting prevents your floors from scratching, thereby extending the beauty and life of it. Daily mopping is essential, because it reduces allergens at home. If you want to mop your floors more effectively, use microfiber material with static charge which attracts more allergens and dust. Microfiber material has smaller fibers which are able to reach into floor pores, lifting dirt more effectively.
  • Clean your floors weekly. It seems that there is no wrong way to clean floors, but there is. For example, using too much liquid can damage floors. To clean your floors correctly, look for cleaner which is pH-neutral, non-toxic and biodegradable. Also natural cleaners can clean floors effectively and keep your home safe, without harming the environment. It is recommended to use a washable microfiber pad which is able to remove bacteria and keep surfaces clean.
  • Polish your floors quarterly. To restore luster and shine of your floors use water-based polishes every 2 to 3 months. Water-based polishes do not leave residues or harmful toxins, as well as prevent over-cleaning and stripping of your floors. Nowadays polishes have fast drying time, no-waxy buildup and protective layer which fills micro-scratches and improves the appearance of floors.
  • Do not use soap-based cleaners, vinegar, water, wax, as well as steam cleaners on your wooden floors, because they can permanently damage them. Vinegar and water gradually dull the floor’s finish, soap and wax leave residues, but steam cleaner puts heat and excessive water on floors.
    In the entry ways or high-traffic areas use carpets and rugs.
  • Use felt floor protectors on your furniture, as well as avoid high heels which extremely damages floors. Also pet nails have to be trimmed regularly.
  • It is important to use proper tools – for dusting and cleaning use a mop with machine-washable microfiber. Do not use string mops which put excessive water on floors and push dirt around.
  • All spills have to be wiped up immediately to avoid permanent stains.
    Maintain a comfortable temperature, preventing humidity.