Home Insurance

Home insurance, often called property insurance, is one of the most rational decisions, which you can make in your lifetime. Home insurance ensures that you and your family members will not have to pay big amount of money in the case of some unpleasant accident. If you live in a restless area, it will protect your savings and will cover expenses resulting from an accident. Let’s see the reasons why we should choose the home insurance and the situations which are usually covered by policy of home insurance.

Why to insure?

Simple – for the sake of your heart peace. For example, if you plan to leave your home for longer period of time, an insurance policy will make your absence much tolerable. And if your home is located in unfavourable location, you can not worry about your financial crash, if, for example, your house is damaged by falling tree or powerful wind casts off the roof. Home insurance will help you to live without worries.

What does home insurance policy cover?

Nowadays there are a lot of different insurance companies, and no one of them have identical conditions, therefore, it is very important to find out, what does each insurance policy cover, choosing your insurance company. Also prices of each insurance company differs – in summers offers often are more favourable, as people insure their properties for some period of time while they are leaving their homes for summer recreation, encouraging insurers to compete for their seasonal clients.

In most cases home insurance includes:

  • Insurance against natural conditions – rain, hail, snow, lightning, wind as well as other extreme natural conditions that can harm the housing;
  • Insurance against abuse – theft, arson or other types of damage to property;
  • Insurance against fire – accidentally or maliciously caused fires, which are the main reason of complete loss of housing;
  • Insurance against house troubles – flooded ceilings, fires caused by electricity.

When insuring the property, also equipment, valuables, and other things that are located in the house are insured. There are also policies, which include insurance of temporary residence if it is impossible to live in your house after an accident. Some policies include also building or purchasing of new house. In the case of home insurance, like in cases of other types of insurance, including car insurance, you protect yourself and your relatives against unplanned expenses in the case of some accident.