The Checklist for Home Maintenance

We have prepared a to-do list for home maintenance which will be helpful for everyone who cares about its house – it will help to find out how often each task of home maintenance should be done. By following this list your home will be in tip-top shape.


During showering use a bathroom fan which will protect your bathroom’s surfaces against mold and mildew. Do not forget to wipe all surfaces in kitchen, bathroom and laundry rooms. Also floors in kitchen, bathroom and in other hard-floored rooms have to be swept.


Every week vacuum carpets and mop floors in all rooms. Do not forget about scrubbing of toilets, sinks, showers and tubs. Clear debris and leaves from the foundation of your house.


Check whether there are water leaks somewhere in the house which may be caused my intense rain, snow or ice. Once a month dust curtains and other surfaces in your home. Remember to clean mirrors and wipe such places as lamps, switch plates and door knobs.



Clean your drain gutters, as well as kitchen exhaust fan and filter. If it is necessary, change your air filter. It is useful to tighten any knobs, handles, shelves or anything else which can become loose. Do not forget to check and repair all locks and deadbolts of doors and windows. Winter is perfect time for inspect and deep clean of basement.


Clear drain gutters and change the air filter if needed. Taking into account that summer is coming, check the air conditioner. Check your inspect screens and replace those which have holes to protect your house against uninvited guests – insects. Also inspect your roof for leaks, cracks or broken tiles. Do not forget to test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Spring is the best time for washing of windows inside and out, as well as for changing of seasonal bedding. Spring is known as spring-cleaning time, so remember to clean your kitchen and bathroom like never before, cleaning your kitchen exhaust fan and filter as well. It is recommended to re-caulk sinks, showers and tubs to prevent water damages to walls.


Clear drain gutters and if it is necessary change the air filter. Make sure that your house is clean from seasonal insects. Summer when there is less moisture in the air is perfect time for cleaning of carpets. Also kitchen appliances must be cleaned inside and out, as well as kitchen exhaust fan and filter.


Decalcify all faucets and aerators to clear any mineral build-up. As in previous seasons clear drain gutters and change the air filter. Also kitchen exhaust fan and filter must be cleaned. Make sure your heater works to be prepared for winter season. It is important to update fire extinguishers and seal any exterior cracks in the house. Test and repair indoor faucets, toilets and showers for proper water flow. If your house has chimney, clean it out, as well as change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If your house is equipped with hot-water system, check the water pressure and drain the expansion tank. To protect your walls against water damage, re-caulk sinks, showers and tubs. Also roof must be inspected for any leaks, cracks or broken tiles.